Date of Photo: 1/1/2015 Courtesy of Bonnie Lau

Top Caliber's son who is producing lots of lateral horn growth as well as colorful offspring.

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American Outlaw

Top CaliberAwesome Oprah
Date of Birth: 7/7/2009
Description: Tri-colored/brindle bull with a white patch on his forehead.
Owner Name:Sheryl Hall
Breeder:Mountain Creek Longhorns
Private Herd Number:359
Registration Number 1:(A.I.)252792
Registration Number 2:BAI821970*
For Sale:Yes
Sales Price:$6,500
Sales Comments:This bull puts color, and lateral growth horns on his progeny. He has a gentle disposition and did I say he ads amazing color to his calves!!
Pedigree ProgenyMeasurement History
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